Alpha E-Tec Hybrid EHP Air Source Heat Pump and E-Tec 33 HB Boiler System

Code: ALPHA3033346

The Alpha E-Tec 33 HB boiler is connected with the Alpha E-Tec EHP external heat pump unit to give a full hybrid solution.

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The Alpha E-Tec 33 HB boiler is connected with the Alpha E-Tec EHP external heat pump unit to give a full hybrid solution. 

Together with the supplied Smartech controls this gives high efficiency heating and hot water. The package uses energy prices and temperature to choose the most efficient combination to heat the home. Hot water is provided instantaneously by the gas boiler when required. 

Depending on the demand and outside temperature the heating flow temperature is adjusted to heat the property effectively. The system will automatically vary the water temperature in the radiators depending on the outside temperature. 

The radiators may not always feel very hot on mild heating days. This is normal and the room temperature will still be maintained to the required set temperature. The domestic hot water temperature can be adjusted using the increase and decrease buttons on the boiler control panel. Alternatively, the hot water temperature can be adjusted in the settings on the app on your smart phone. 

The maximum heating water temperature can also be adjusted for the heating circuit, however, this will still vary depending on outside temperature as the system calculates the most efficient temperature required.

Key Features

  • Packaged heat pump solution
  • Instantaneous hot water on demand, no need for stored hot water
  • Anti-freeze protection can be used without Glycol
  • Always chooses the cheapest fuel source based on current energy tariff
  • Simple hydronic layout, very easy to install
  • Hydrogen blend compatible (up to 20% hydrogen)
  • No need to upgrade existing heating system, minimising install costs
  • 5 Year Warranty on approved and correctly installed/ maintained installation

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