Why choose Tippers Precision Concrete?

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Unlike traditional rotary concrete mixers , our vehicles carry the individual ingredients in different compartments and mix them together when we get to you. This means that we will  only deliver what you need , even if you miscalculated the original quote.

You won’t be charged for using less, like the old days where sending a lorry load of concrete back to the batching plant could cost you hundreds of pounds.

Mixed on-site, or volumetric as it’s also known, is the future of concrete delivery.

Concrete Pump now on the fleet available for hire with extended reach up to 90m.

What Concrete Mix Do I Need?

Our volumetric concrete mixers are able to mix concrete on site to your specification and requirements. Our trucks also carry admixtures and fibres to alter strength and characteristics of your concrete.


Both C20 and C25 concrete mixes are commonly used for foundation work in construction. C20 concrete, with a slightly lower strength, is often sufficient for lightweight foundations like those for small sheds or residential garages. On the other hand, C25 concrete, with a slightly higher strength, is a versatile choice suitable for a wider range of foundation types, including those for larger residential buildings and some commercial structures. The choice between C20 and C25 depends on the specific requirements and loads the foundation will bear, with C25 offering more strength and durability when needed.


When constructing conservatories, the choice between C20 and C25 concrete depends on the size and structural demands of the conservatory. C20 concrete is often adequate for smaller conservatories, providing a cost-effective option for the foundation. However, if the conservatory is larger or includes heavier materials like stone floors, C25 concrete might be preferred due to its slightly higher strength, ensuring the foundation can support the load effectively. The decision ultimately hinges on the specific design and intended use of the conservatory.

External Walls & Retaining Walls

When it comes to external and retaining walls, the choice between C20 and C25 concrete depends on the wall's intended function and load-bearing requirements. C20 concrete is suitable for standard external walls where moderate strength is sufficient. On the other hand, C25 concrete, with its slightly higher strength, is often preferred for retaining walls, especially if they need to support soil or heavy loads. The selection should align with the specific engineering and structural needs of the wall to ensure its stability and longevity.


In agriculture, C40 and C45 concrete options are used for various construction projects. C40 concrete offers good strength and durability, making it suitable for most agricultural needs like barns or sheds. On the other hand, C45 concrete provides even more strength and is chosen when you require extra durability, such as for heavy-duty structures like large storage facilities or robust farm buildings. The choice depends on the specific demands of your agricultural project, with C45 offering that added strength when necessary.


C35 concrete is a popular choice for driveway construction due to its durability and strength. With a strong compressive strength, it can easily withstand the weight of vehicles and regular use. This makes it a reliable option for creating sturdy and long-lasting driveways, ensuring they can endure the demands of everyday traffic and environmental conditions.

Garage Base / Floor

C30 concrete is a dependable option for garage construction. It provides the necessary durability and stability for garage floors and foundations, making it suitable for both residential and commercial garage spaces. This concrete mix ensures that the garage can withstand the weight of vehicles and everyday use, resulting in a reliable and long-lasting structure for parking and storage purposes.

Shed Bases

C30 concrete is an excellent choice for creating solid shed bases. Its durability and stability, without needing to mention compressive strength, make it ideal for supporting the weight of sheds and providing a secure foundation.


C25 concrete is a reliable choice for extending existing structures. Its balanced strength and durability make it well-suited for creating stable foundations and structural elements in both residential and commercial extensions.


RC28/35WT watertight concrete is an excellent choice for basement construction, offering a unique combination of strength and water resistance. This specialised concrete mix, with its watertight properties, is specifically designed to keep basements dry and protect against water infiltration. It's an ideal solution for creating a durable and watertight foundation, ensuring that your basement remains dry and free from water-related issues.

Concrete Floors

C25 concrete is a dependable option for concrete floors. With its balanced strength and durability, it's well-suited for a variety of indoor and outdoor flooring applications.


A 4:1 screed, typically composed of four parts sand to one part cement, is a common choice for floor leveling and finishing. This mixture provides a smooth and even surface, making it ideal for preparing floors before installing tiles, hardwood, or other floor coverings.


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